Pig Dude: He Can Do ANYTHING!

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Michael Wagner, author Adam Nickel, illustrator


‘You are good at many things,’ Mama said. ‘In fact, you can do anything.’

Mama truly believes in Pig Dude, but can he really do anything? There’s only one way to find out. It’s time for Pig Dude to attempt the IMPOSSIBLE!

Follow Pig Dude on a hair-raising, heart-warming adventure that celebrates what can be achieved when someone believes in you.


Title: Pig Dude: He Can Do ANYTHING!
Author: Michael Wagner
Illustrator: Adam Nickel
Category: Kids
Market:  4-8 year olds, early readers, pre-schoolers
ISBN: 9780994251718
Page numbers: 64 pp, full colour
Dimensions: 234 x 156 x 5 mm
RRP: AUD $12.99
Publisher: Billy Goat Books, www.billygoatbooks.com
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 24 Aug 2015

Review Quotes

‘He’s part boy, part pig, with a huge heart and a head full of hope. Early readers will find plenty of slapstick in the gorgeous retro-style illustrations, while the story’s accessible enough for the most struggling reader.’ – Sally Rippin, The Age Summer Reading Guide 2015-16

Pig Dude is full of silliness and nonsense and unbelievable acts. They’re the kind of acts that have kids turning the pages of the book so quickly, searching for MORE.  In fact, if it was possible to capture slapstick comedy in a book, I’d say Michael has done just that.’ – My Little Bookcase Blog

‘Full of cliff hangers this is a very entertaining story that early independent readers will lap up.’ – Pass it On ezine

‘This is a fun, cheeky little tale with enough depth to entice your little ‘thinkers’ and enough bums and farts to entertain everyone else.’ – This Charming Mum Blog

‘This is a picture book which will have any young reader dude excitedly turning pages to find out what happens next! And said reader will be laughing and laughing as he (or she) follows Pig Dude’s antics. Buy it today and share it with special kids who love to be excited!’ – Buzz Words Blog

‘Told over 64 pages, every one illustrated in full colour, this story for newly independent readers will entertain with its humorous touches, sense of adventure and determination to succeed.’ – Books + Publishing

‘This funny illustrated book is sure to get you laughing within minutes. Although I didn’t think I would like this book straight away and be excited to read it, as soon as I started to read it, my thoughts changed. If you are looking for an easy-to-read book then this book is sure to get your reading gears turning.’ – Sean, age 9, YARR-A website

‘This is a warm-hearted story about love and self-belief, determination and resilience.  What seems on the surface to be a charming story that will delight young readers, becomes the catalyst for a lot more than being a one-read wonder.’ – The Bottom Shelf

‘It portrays a lovely message about how having the love and belief of others can help get you through and give you the confidence to try anything! Both boys and girls will enjoy this story.’ Sam, Lamont Books

‘Recommended. This is a very amusing book which will really appeal to its young audience.’ – ReadPlus website

‘Pig Dude: He Can Do ANYTHING! is ideal for young readers transitioning from picture books to first chapter books … Funny and just a little bit silly, Pig Dude: He Can Do ANYTHING! also shares a simple message that our words of encouragement can help to build up the self-esteem and confidence of others.’ – Kids Book Review

‘The little guy’s determination to fly and hilarious misadventures will strike a chord with kids everywhere. The abundance of striking cartoon-style illustrations, the large print and the uncomplicated sentence structure makes this book a perfect match for readers who need to be charmed not challenged.’ – The Book Chook Blog

‘Good sentence construction and punctuation as well as a simple and interesting text make this a suitable book to use as a reader for children who find reading difficult. The colourful illustrations by Adam Nickel are full of movement and energy. Readers from lower to middle primary will laugh at Pig Dude’s attempts and cheer at his ultimate success.’ – Grace Nolan, Reading Time

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