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Michael Wagner publicity shot
Michael Wagner, author Wayne Bryant, illustrator


How can something so wrong by so right!?

From the diabolically dangerous duo of author Michael Wagner and artist Wayne Bryant comes the naughty and subversive So Wrong series, featuring  twisted tales, odd ads, questionable life lessons and other forms of laugh-out-loud wrongness. But beware…

These books are rude, they have attitude, they will make your brain skewed, and someone will probably get sued, because sometimes they’re TOTALLY NUDE!

About the books

Targeting 10-13 year old reluctant readers, but inclusive of all children, the So Wrong series is a hyperactive grab-bag of wit, warmth and wildness that includes:

  • short stories (like The Nappy, The Veree Hungree Caterpooper, Big Red Riding Hood and many more)
  • satirical advertisements (for products such as The Parental Attitude Adjuster and Body Part ‘R’ Us)
  • suspect ‘life advice’ (from self-proclaimed Life Coach for Kids, Mitey Mikey)
  • visual treats galore
  • and laughs on every page.

As two former reluctant readers themselves, Michael and Wayne have created the series they wish had existed when they were kids.

It’s Mad magazine meets Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton with the irreverence of Pippi Longstocking and the subversiveness of Roald Dahl – so right for young readers, especially those who haven’t quite learned to love books. Yet.


Title: So Wrong / So Wrong 2
Author: Michael Wagner
Illustrator: Wayne Bryant
Category: Kids
Market:  10-13 year olds, particularly reluctant readers
ISBN: 9780994251756 / 9780994251763
Page numbers: mono, illustrated, 192 pp / 160 pp
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 14 mm
ARRP: $14.99
Publisher: Billy Goat Books,
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 1 Aug 2016 / 1 Oct 2017


‘… outrageously subversive, humorous writing that fools kids into thinking they are not seriously reading … fantastically hilarious satirical advertisements … And of course the pages are lavishly illustrated with a huge variety of visual jokes as well … it’s going to be a hit with every kid who likes to laugh at general silliness and a bit of naughtiness. Highly recommended for all readers who snort out loud laughing.‘ Sue Warren, Teacher-Librarian.

‘Kids who like subversive humour will grab this book with glee. It has all the prerequisites: a magazine-style format, goofy sketches, a pre-occupation with poo, sarcasm, and patches of terrible spelling. What more could a reader want? Perfect for reluctant readers 10+ or anyone who wants a riotous read. ‘ The Book Chook’s Best Books for 2016 (older readers)

‘This is one of the funniest books for kids I have read in a long time. It changes the format, making it like a TV show in a book. This is perfect for reluctant readers, and just readers who love a laugh. Can’t wait for the sequel!‘ Adam Wallace, New York Times bestselling author

‘My Absolute favourite is the Parental Attitude Adjuster … the one that had me laughing out loud was Mikey’s version of a certain incredibly famous book, which will forever now be known as the Very Hungry Caterpooper. So much gold in one book … the verdict is in, this one is sure to please even the most reluctant readers from ages 5 to one hundred. 5 Stars.‘ Julie Grasso, reviewer and Goodreads author

‘What I like about this book apart from its non-stop entertainment value is that it offers achievable reading goals for kids who are reluctant to pick up a book. They can read a few pages at a time and still complete a story or segment. I think my favourite parts of this book were the highly suspect ‘life advice’ from supposed Life Coach for Kids, Mitey Mikey, and the hilarious advertisements for useful products like The Parental Attitude Adjuster.’ Dee White, reviewer, author, blogger

A cheerful and cheeky collection of short (very) tales interspersed with the almost unintelligible advice of Mitey Mikey (self-proclaimed Lyfe Coach for Kidz) … a laugh-out-loud package that will appeal to middle primary readers and and could provide a ‘hook’ to catch reluctant readers. Mikey’s illiterate advice is a bit confronting from a teacher’s perspective … however these passages provide hilarious fodder for reviewing some basic spelling and grammar rules…’ Jennie Bales, Adjunct Lecturer, Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship)

Look inside

Here are the first few pages of a nice little  story from So Wrong. The story is called The Nappy.

The Nappy 00 The Nappy 01 The Nappy 02 The Nappy 03b The Nappy 04 The Nappy 05

Here’s an ad from So Wrong 1.

PAA 02 PAA 03 PAA 04a PAA 08 Mute Button PAA 09 Mute Button PAA 10 Mute ButtonAnd here’s part one of story from So Wrong 2.

And a couple of random cartoons from So Wrong 2.